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RE: [gef-dev] help about multipageEditor and outlinepage

The GEF gurus can correct me if I am wrong but try this.

In the GetAdapter(Class adapter) method of your editor part, when you encounter the IContentOutlinePage.class, in your implementation method return the contents of the current editor part. When the new editor part gets activated, the GetAdapter method will get invoked again, hence you can return the new outline page for this editor part. Keep in mind, you need two derived classes that extend Page and implement the IContentOutlinePage interface.



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ã I am making a multipageEditorPart, and it has two child editor, each one has it's own outlinepage

   How can I do to get the result that:

         when I choose a child editor,  outlineviewer can show the correct outLinePage.

        I found that , the platform register the adapter at the first time , it will not change again,


    how can I do?


thanks for any helps!

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