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Re: [gef-dev] Re: Allow disabling

Is this reply to the discussion on constrained resize and dragging?  I agree, things in flow layout probably don't need constrained dragging.  But, I guess the harm so bad that need to: 1) allow disabling constrained drags and 2) disable constrained drags by default, meaning most applications will probably never think to enable it.

As far as 2 A's becoming a B, what about a grouping action which functions based on current selection?  Similar to wrapping a try/catch block around existing code in Java editor.


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12/20/2003 01:47 AM
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Hi Randy,
I do think you need to allow the features to be disabled - especially where they do not make sense, as you mentioned in your post. Maybe instead of disabling them, you should allow users to enable them. For instance, if I want to direct edit a label, I have to enable it. I dunno, just my two bits.
Something that might be relevent to the features being implemented.
Suppose I have several editparts in a flow layout.. like so.
Now B can contain A's, also in a flow layout. If I want to add a new B which contains the first two A's. I have to add B in the flow layout. And then drag the first two A's into it.
Something that would be better is to choose B from the palette, and DRAG it over the first two A's (like drawing a marquee rectangle over the first two A's). This action should add B into the flow layout and reparent the first two A's into it. I don't think it is trivial do this with the current GEF.
If you find this relevent, I apologize for not mentioning this before.