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[gef-dev] Some new features enabled by default in 3.0

In GEF 3.0 we have added:

constrained resize: hold down SHIFT and the aspect ratio is constrained during a corner-resize.
constrained reeize: hold down CTRL and the center is constrained during any resize.
constrained move: hold down SHIFT and the drag delta is constrained to be a mulitple of ( 0/±1, 0/±1).  In other words, it snaps to 45 degree increments.

also, we added:
cloned drag: hold down CTRL during a move, and the request becomes a REQ_CLONE, and the cursor shows a + sign.  This is used to copy existing objects.

So, the question is, do we need to allow ways to disable the new features?  for example, if your layout is not an XY layout, then constraining the center of the object may not make sense.  If you do not support cloning, then the user would see a NOT sign when cloning is attempted.  The other concern would be that if you already implemented cloning, we do not want our implementation to break your existing one.  thought?