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[geclipse-dev] Missing/incomplet Help documentation

Hi all,

I went through the g-Eclipse help documentation. The following is what I
think to improve. Please read the email carefully. If you are
responsible for any of the found problems, please take care.

A: g-Eclipse Developer Guide

1. Programmer's Guide

For FZK: 

-- no hints how to acquire the source code of g-Eclipse
-- no description about programming discipline (code style/copy
rights/comments, plug-in dependency requirement, Unit tests for quality)
-- no item about VO issues 
-- Authentication: the picture "create new auth token" is old; we shall
give the reader a sample implementation class as reference (e.g.
eu.geclipse.gria.auth.griaKeyStore, griaKeyStoreDescription)
-- no description about the problem reporting system

For Poznan:

--Grid Data Access: the text does not correspond to the current status

The recently implemented schemes (S3, Gria, sftp..) are not included;
need a short description of theses schemes (e.g. for which middleware
they can be used)

Extension point:  not complete, for example
"eu.geclipse.core.filesystem.transferService" is not included

A reference to a sample implementation (e.g.
eu.geclipse.efs.gria.GriaFileSystem, GriaTransferService) will be very

Interface to implement: shall be

For Cyprus:

-- no description about how to implement the info system

For Reading:

-- nothing about workflow implementation      

2. Extension Point Reference: no link to 

-- eu.geclipse.core.caCertificateLoader
-- eu.geclipse.ui.jobSubmissionWizard

B: g-Eclipse User Guide

1. Getting Started

-- AWS is linked. This is wrong; must be removed.
-- The menu structure must be changed. The menu items shall be seen when
opening this folder (just like the way in "Concepts")
-- Download the certificates of the approved Certificate Authorities:
link is empty
-- Declare the Virtual Organisation(s), of which you are a member: link
is empty
-- Locate your Grid Certificate and generate Grid Authentication Tokens:
the picture "create auth token" is old

2. Concepts

-- g-Eclipse setup: Creating a new VO: the picture is old

3. Middlewre (we have the most problems here!! The texts are mainly
copied from the section Concepts and hence do not relate to the specific
middleware. Everybody please checks his own part)

-- GRIA: g-Eclipse setup, The Grid Project, Grid Authentication, Job
Management: the description is not related to GRIA

-- Globus: most descriptions are not for globus

-- Glite: the following parts have to be modified

G-Eclipse Setup: missing link
Grid Authentication: the picture "create token" is not for voms token
Job management: missing description about parametric jobs
Info System: the text for GRIA is there
Visualzation: all links are missing