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Re: [featuremodel-dev] Variability

 Hi Holger,

thanks. I found the code in the implementation classes. I would like to ask, what is the semantics of upper and lower?
In the code there is the comparisons of upper and lower to various combinations of -1,0 and 1.

 } else {
        type = VariabilityType.OR;

Would setting lower to 4 and upper to 10 a valid combination? And what would it mean? Why did you decide to define variability by means of to ints instead of an enumeration?

Thanks for the info!


Hallo Andreas,

that is right. The reason is quit simple. The variability is defined by the semantic of
the group to which a feature belongs. A feature is an alternative feature because it is
part of a group of features from which exactly one feature has to be selected. The
variability method is only a shortcut and easier to understand:

   feature.getVariabilityType() == ALTERNATIVE


   feature.getParentGroup().getLower() == 1&&  feature.getParentGroup().getUpper() == 1

Best regards, Holger

Am 21.10.2010 16:57, schrieb Andreas Graf:

ok, I see that the variability is actually reflected by the values of upper and lower in
the parent group. Is there an information about the rationale behind this design?




I was wondering why variability is reflected as a method in Feature, but not as an

Best Regards,


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