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Re: [examples-dev] Project plan


Thanx for this effort! I really think that a plan will be very helpful for this project.

The timing looks quite fine for me except for 11/27/2009 as 0.1 release date, that is a little late.

I am very interested in your presentations-in-eclipse contribution, therefore I would be happy to see it soon. What do you think about something like a sandbox where we can share "early code contributions"?


Am 05.10.2008 um 02:28 schrieb Wayne Beaton:

I've put together a project plan [1]. The gist of the 0.1 plan is to whip the existing examples into shape. I expect that I'll be doing most of the work, but others are welcome to join in.

I've added some milestones to Bugzilla and have assigned most of the outstanding bugs to one of them.

I intend to add the new contributions to a 0.2 release timeline. This will include Chris's TicTacToe example, moving of the Sudoku game, and the additon of a new contribution I've been working on [2] (though I may defer this to a 0.3 release).

If you have any concerns about the timing of a 0.1 release, let me know. I'd like to let emo know of our intent to do a release.

Your comments are welcome.


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