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[etrice-dev] eTrice dependencies and Xtext version

Hi folks,

today I've spent several ours with a dependency issue in eTrice.

Starting from
I noticed that our Hudson build already picked up the most recent 2.3 version of Xtext since we had no upper bound on our dependencies.
Everything compiles with this version but the generator would throw a runtime exception because of a missing Guice binding.

So I tried to restrict all Xtext plug-ins to [2.1.1, 2.2).
But I always had problems with unresolved dependencies either during build or during execution of the Java generator on Hudson.

So I reverted the version restriction to have the build succeed again.

As I'm writing this I think I have been very close to a solution. Probably it was only that /org.eclipse.etrice.integration.tests/generate.xml picked up the wrong version.
On the other hand if we decide to go with Juno for the upcoming 0.2 release I wouldn't put more effort in this.

What do you think?