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[ercp-dev] Wonderful project! Supported platforms? Support for TagSoup/XOM or NekoHTML/Xerces?

Dear All:

Thank you so much for your work on eRCP.

I am currently working on a WebDriver-like Web Automation Framework for SWT:
and may be very interested in adding embedded support.

Just wondering:
1) Is eRCP actively supported on any platforms? In other words, would it be easy to use eRCP-based software for the end user, and, if so, how?
2) My new (not yet released) version of the framework uses NekoHTML/Xerces for XPath support. An alternative is TagSoup/XOM. I see there is a
microXML parser that is part of eRCP, but I do not believe this will work for street-level HTML (am I incorrect)? Any ideas whether these packages might work with eRCP?
3) This may be asking too much, but is Javascript supported on the eRCP Browser object?

Thank you!

p.s. Please reply all if possible. Thank you.