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Re: [ercp-dev] eSWT for Android ?

I fully agree that  Android will be a prominent platform and a port of eSWT for it makes sense. You are right that an all Java approach to implementation could be used. However, I believe the current set of committers have their hands full, We really need the community to step up and make some contributions in this area. I'm sure the committers will assist any efforts undertaken. I think that all that's needed to get started is to announce on the mailing list which widgets you'd like to work on so there in no duplication of effort. If people do this, I will help with design and coordinate code check-ins.


Ivan Ooi <olibralo@xxxxxxxxx>
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04/21/2010 09:59 PM

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[ercp-dev] eSWT for Android ?

Hi all,

  Any plan to support Android ? Since Android going to be the 3rd/2nd largest mobile OS in the market share....
How nice if we can have that....

I think it will bit easier compare to other platforms as Android basically are Java. I believe a wrapper are needed more than another JNI job...

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