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Re: [ercp-dev] TableCellEditing in eRCP/eSWT/eJface

It sounds like you might be using an older version of eSWT. I think there was a problem with cell editing that has been fixed since then. I would suggest trying to use eSWT version 1.3 and see if that works. If not, we will dig into this further.


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[ercp-dev] TableCellEditing in eRCP/eSWT/eJface

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone used TableCellEditing functionality in eRCP/eSWT/eJface
application on mobile device ?

I found many TableCellEditing examples/tutorials but all are for
RCP/SWT/Jface only. So I implemented one of it from
http://www.eclipse.org/articles/Article-Table-viewer/table_viewer.html The
example is attached for your reference. I am really searching any good
book/guide/tutorials in eRCP/eSWT/eJface application. Please tell me if you
know any.

My application runs on very high configuration mobile device i.e. Symbol
MC9090 which is widely used in warehouse business. I am using IBM J9 (Now
IBM Lotus Expeditor) runtime environment on device and for the development,
I am using Eclipse 3.2.2 (Provided by IBM Lotus Expeditor Toolkit)

Atatched example displays Table on my Mobile device screen but the Cell
Editing is not working. It appears as if its 'Read-Only' table. Table Cell
Selection Listener listens user selection of a particular cell and the logs
do get printed in CellModifier class in canModify(..), getValue(..) and
modify(..) methods. But the cell edit thing is not working.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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