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[ercp-dev] ercp xml parser version 1.2.0


I'm using the 1.2.0 version of the eRCP xml parser and am seeing some behavior different from J2SE impl of the xml parser. Specifically, while parsing XML documents that have this code: 
 embedded in element values, I see the J2SE impl of the parser replace these values with a newline character (i.e. '\n'), while the eRCP xml parser does not do this (at least with the text handler I'm using). So, for example:

<myelement>this is line one&#xA;this is line two&#xA;this is line three</myelement>

When using the j2SE 1.4 parser I see this output from the text handler:

this is line one
this is line two
this is line three

while the eRCP xml parser does not modify the original String.

Is this possibly a known problem? Should I file a bug for it? I haven't yet created a stand-alone document and parser to try this out and see if it does it outside of the context I'm using the parser...but is this going to be necessary?

Thanksinadvance for any info,