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Re: [ercp-dev] cldc compliant xml parser

The eRCP runtime is CDC based so we don't build any components for CLDC even though some are capable of running on CLDC.
In the case of MicroXML, I think you just need to build the *.cldc projects and include hose classes in place of the classes from the CDC versions.
If you have any trouble doing so please post back to this list.


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02/12/2009 12:48 PM

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[ercp-dev] cldc compliant xml parser


I started to look how to create a MTJ library that distributes eRCP CLDC compliant XML parser. I note that there are 2 projects on eRCP cvs with cldc xml related code.

- xml.cldc

- xmlParserAPI.cldc

should a just pack all classes from those projects? i couldnât find those plugins on the latest eRCP release. Is there a separated download with them or I need to build them locally here?

Thanks in advanced for the help


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