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Re: [ercp-dev] RCP - Plug-in differences

Well, I think you have the wrong forum for this question since eRCP is dedicated to devices rather than desktop/IDE pursuits. However,
I think you can fairly easily make a single application that can behave as both an RCP app and an IDE plug-in. The difference is mostly in whether you create the GUI thread or not.

Rodolfo Totaro <r.totaro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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02/26/2006 04:56 AM

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[ercp-dev] RCP - Plug-in differences

Hi All,

I'm working for an open source project. Its goal is to develop a
simulation software. We are developing this software as RCP application
in eclipse, but we are interesting to distribute it as a plug-in of IDE
- Eclipse too. What are the main difference between the two approaches?
I need to understand if it is possible, in general, create 2 version of
the same application (an IDE plug-in and a RCP application) without
great changes and, eventually, if we have to follow some constraints in
RCP to do it.


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