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Re: [equinox-dev] Maven snapshot repository available ?

Hi Stephan.,

> Let me directly add some words of caution:

all good advice...

> When pushing Eclipse artifacts to Maven Central we convert
> OSGi 4 part versions to 3 part versions as suitable for a Maven Release.
> When anybody starts to publish snapshots they should be very
> careful in testing that snapshots don't interfere with builds
> requesting a release version. Example: [4.6.0,4.7.0) should
> select any of 4.6.1, 4.6.2 ... but *not* 4.7.0.
> As soon as a snapshot exists, e.g., as 4.7.0.v2017040112000
> then this version would be considered (by some maven versions)
> as < 4.7.0 and thus be picked via the above version range.
> Client builds using Maven may not customarily use such version
> ranges, but dependencies among Eclipse artifacts do make use
> of semantic versioning and thus could be wired in incompatible
> ways.

...but why does publishing to central use version ranges in Maven
dependencies on the first place?

I get that these are a more truthful translation of the original OSGi
manifests *but* AFAIK they not only suffer from the above problem but
also make you build irreproducible; as Maven's "target platform" is
"whatever is in Maven Central" at the moment, what a version range
resolves to may change over time. IIRC, using version ranges are
considered to be a bad practice by the Maven developers themselves for
the latter reason.

Best wishes,


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