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[equinox-dev] Java Launcher: Prevent creation of the configuration area within the install area by using osgi.install.area.readOnly


I am currently working on a setup where our Equinox-based application should be deployed as a shared installation. The documentation states that in order to do that "the set up for this scenario requires making the install area read-only for regular users. When users start Eclipse, this causes the configuration area to automatically default to a directory under the user home dir" [0]. Otherwise, if the install area is writeable, the configuration area will reside by default in a subdirectory of the install area.

However, the documentation is not clear how this can be achieved. Another page of the documentation states that "a location may be specified as a read-only location by appending ".readOnly" to the location property and setting it to the value "true"" [1]. However, this seems to be not supported for the osgi.install.area location.

I had a look at the Java Launcher and it seems that it only checks if the install area is writeable by trying to create a file there [2]. To the best of my knowledge all recent Equinox versions are affected by this issue.

Is it only possible to realize a shared installation by using operating system mechanisms to make the install area read-only or is there any other way to persuade the launcher to create the configuration area within the user home as described above (besides specifying the path to the configuration location manually)?


PS: I am not quite sure if this is the right place to ask this kind of question. Therefore, please redirect me elsewhere if there is a more appropriate place.

[0] http://help.eclipse.org/neon/index.jsp?topic=/org.eclipse.platform.doc.isv/reference/misc/multi_user_installs.html&cp=2_1_3_7
[1] http://help.eclipse.org/neon/index.jsp?topic=%2Forg.eclipse.platform.doc.isv%2Freference%2Fmisc%2Fruntime-options.html
[2] http://git.eclipse.org/c/equinox/rt.equinox.framework.git/tree/bundles/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher/src/org/eclipse/equinox/launcher/Main.java#n1299

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