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[equinox-dev] scr, cm, and metatype

As per bug [1], Equinox and Eclipse are moving to use Felix SCR v2.0.8 for Oxygen.

My understanding is that the Equinox ConfigAdmin and Metatype implementations are rather old now...and don't support OSGi R6 versions of those services.

Would it be possible to add Apache Felix of ConfigAdmin and Metatype...versions that are at least R6 compatible...to Orbit?

The reason I ask is that a number of projects (e.g. ECF, Kura, Karaf, others)...and our/their consumers...use DS+ConfigAdmin+Metatype all three together, and having the Equinox versions of these services be so old is a problem for them (especially since the spec enhancements over last few years have been very significant.

Or, perhaps the right answer is to update these Equinox impls? Not sure.

[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=501950