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[equinox-dev] Support advanced shell features in eclipse console window when launching a java program

My use case is to start an OSGi framework with the gogo shell from eclipse
and have support for all the shell features like in a linux terminal.

There is a new gogo jline console which has very nice features like
completion, history, colors (like in karaf).

When I run my OSGi application outside of eclipse all these features work

When I start the application from inside eclipse it is started in a console
window. There the input seems to work completely different. For example if I
type the up key the cursor goes up instead of showing the history.

It seems like the input is first processed for the whole line before it is
given to the application.

Some people hinted me that there might be some raw mode that can be switched

So my question: Is it possible to use such advanced input using the console
If it is not yet possible I would be very interested to get this
implemented. I am also willing to help if I can but I am a bit lost on how
it all works together and where to start.


Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect