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Re: [equinox-dev] How to find the newest equinox release?

On 21.06.2016 15:49, Thomas Watson wrote:
I don't know the internals of Felix framework well.  But in discussions with Richard Hall I know it used to have a rather coarse grain locking strategy for installing, resolving and setting of start-levels.  This lock may be preventing the situation by blocking some thread from starting the bundles while all the bundles get installed.  The Equinox Luna release redid its locking strategy in the Equinox framework to allow more concurrent read-access to the internal bundle state (or container).

What I suspect is going on is that in a background thread karaf is installing and starting bundles and setting their start-level value one-by-one, instead of installing all bundles, then setting their start-levels and finally starting all bundles.  Meanwhile another thread (the framework start-level thread) is performing the background operation to set the bundle start-levels (one-by-one).  Since the bundles have been marked for start and their start-level is satisfied the framework attempts to start the bundle.  But the bundle may not be resolved yet, and it may not be resolvable because karaf has not installed all the necessary bundles yet.
Yes .. this is also what I suspected. I will change the code to set the start levels later. Maybe this will solve the issue.
Thanks for the help.


Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect