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Re: [equinox-dev] How to find the newest equinox release?

We just setup a nexus repo for the Equinox project but still need to setup the process for populating it with the Equinox releases:

John Ross and I are planning to get a process going soon to get the new repo populated.


As for the Felix resolver source.  We have needed to keep up with the very latest in trunk to fix bugs as needed.  When the bug is critical (for example, prevents Eclipse from launching) I fix the bugs first in Equinox and (always) immediately contribute back to felix trunk the fix.  Are you not able to find the source for Equinox?  The equinox and eclipse SDKs contain the source jars which include the felix source included in Equinox.


From:        Christian Schneider <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        06/21/2016 04:36 AM
Subject:        [equinox-dev] How to find the newest equinox release?
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I currently have problems with Apache Karaf when switching to equinox.



It happens with the default equinox that karaf ships which is 3.10.2 provided by birt in maven central.

I looked into the equinox project pages to find a newer release:


The latest stable release seems to be mars2 which leads to:


Unfortunately this release does not seem to be available in maven central at all.
The latest release there seems to be


So this one seems to be provided by tycho now? Are these releases by birt and tycho guaranteed to reflect the real equinox releases or are they maybe patching equinox?
Is there any better way? Does equinox have any maven repo where it puts its official releases? I think there were discussions about that a while ago but the discussion was kind of stuck at some point.

Another question is about the included felix resolver. The last time I looked into this the resolver sources were copied into the equinox sources. They were not equal to any
release of the felix resolver. Instead as far as I can remember the changes were cherry picked from some of the resolver commits. This makes it really difficult to tell how equinox behaves.
Is there any improvement in sight?


Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect
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