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[equinox-dev] Safe logging from a WeavingHook?


When implementing a WeavingHook, is there a safe way to perform logging?

I'm asking because my current strategy recently broke when adding
the AERI error reporter to the mix:

I'm acquiring a log basically from
(with extra caution to see if the platform is ready).

This works well until others register log listeners of their own.
Such breakage is tracked in https://bugs.eclipse.org/493566
showing a stack trace of what looks like deadly re-entrance,
causing NoClassDefFoundError.

I know that the Equinox framework uses a logger of its own,
which - I assume - does not support any log listeners, right?
Is it possible for a weaving hook implementation to log into
the framework log?

If no safe log is available, are there any points in the hook
protocol, where it is safe to log using a platform log?
I'm thinking of queueing log events until modified(WovenClass),
but even during that method I don't know if any class loading
is active further down the stack that may cause the same problem.
Do I have to maintain my own thread-local stack of classes
being defined to wait for a point when this stack is empty?
Or is it possible to get this information from the framework?

Interesting, how such a basic functionality like logging can blow
up a system, if both class loading and logging are extensible ...