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[equinox-dev] Update mechanism

Hi equinox dev team,

we are developing a rcp product with a lot of features. The features are included in the product. The update mechanism is developed as described in the tutorial from Lars Vogel (http://www.vogella.com/tutorials/EclipseP2Update/article.html).

When I change a plugin/feature and according to that the versions of these and the product the update mechanism works. My question now: Is it possible to just deploy the changed feature into a p2 repository so the update mechanism downloads only this feature? A local test of this scenario was not successful.

The rcp application knows the url of the p2 repository where the feature is hosted. When I point the "install new feature" dialog of my IDE on this url the feature will be shown so the repository should be ok.

When I deploy the whole rcp product with changed version number as p2 repository the update mechanism works. But in that case the whole product will be downloaded.

Is it possible that updating a single feature which is delivered with the product does not work?

Thanks for your help!

Bye Alex

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