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[equinox-dev] Provide capability question


I have two question about Provide capability and Require-Capability.

Background: you declare that you provide ds in version 1.2 via the
following snippet in your MANIFEST.MF

Provide-Capability: osgi.extender;

A plug-in which requires his capablitiy defines the following:

Require-Capability: osgi.extender;

The first question is: Where is this defined that these are the
correct entries? I use
to "remember" the correct way to define it, but I guess there is a
more general way.

The second question is. What is the correct way to use
Provide-Capability and Provide-Capability for my customer code? In my
example, I provide a service via DS and want to ensure that the
consumer is only started if the service is available. I think
Require-Capability is the correct way, but I have not seen an example
for a customer capability yet.

Best regards, Lars

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