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[equinox-dev] osgi application service

Equinox implements the osgi application service (org.osgi.service.application) via this bundle:


This bundle has compile-time dependencies on both the equinox service registry (org.eclipse.equinox.registry), and PackageAdmin which for some environments are a disadvantage. The org.osgi.service.application package is also present in the same bundle as the implementation, which is a debatable choice.

Would there be any appetite to refactor the org.eclipse.equinox.app bundle (perhaps into multiple dependent bundles) so as to:

1) Separate the impl of org.osgi.service.application from the parts that are dependent upon the equinox service registry (so as to allow use of the application service without the service registry)
2) Remove deps to PackageAdmin service
3) Possibly separating the org.osgi.service.application classes from the equinox impl.