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Re: [equinox-dev] Concierge and the IDE?

This is not a goal of the equinox team, nor do I believe this is a goal of the concierge team. They both address very different use cases.

We've optimized Equinox to be extremely fast on "warm" startups by implementing a number of caching strategies, which makes the implementation bigger. This is what makes Eclipse able to handle thousands of bundles

On the other hand Concierge is optimized to be usable on small devices but I don't believe it is meant to support the same number of bundles.

On 15-11-20 11:22 AM, Lars Vogel wrote:


I read in a German newsticker that Concierge is a new OSGi 5.0 implementation which is super fast and small.


I didn't know about this effort. Is the intention to use this runtime for the Eclipse IDE in the future?

Best regards, Lars

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