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Re: [equinox-dev] Debugging equinox

Make sure you have the version of the source matching the binary (you can check that by making sure both have the same last segment in the version (e.g. v20150820-1432).
If it is the case, then I encourage you to use the Eclipse IDE ;)

On 15-11-12 05:18 AM, Chiranga Alwis wrote:

I have been attempting to debug the Equinox SDK by attaching source jars delivered along with the SDK's plugins. But the breakpoints I have added to the extracted source code of org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.source_1.3.100.v20150511-1540.jar and org.eclipse.osgi.source_3.10.101.v20150820-1432.jar at positions which execute when the Equinox SDK is launched are not detected. The connection between IDEA Intellij and the port takes place successfully, but the execution listens to the port for few moments and then proceeds with further execution.

Any ideas on the steps to follow for this purpose or any possible mistakes I make in the above mentioned procedure are highly appreciated.

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