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[equinox-dev] Get latest Eclipse Equinox Bundles from Maven


In one of our project we are depend on org.eclipse.osgi.servicesÂ3.2.100.v2010050Â(http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.eclipse.osgi/org.eclipse.osgi.services) But that is pretty old dependency.Â
Therefore I thought of updating to a new version. I checked on the Luna-SDK there org.eclipse.osgi.services version is 3.4.0.v20140312-2051Â

When I search for that dependency on maven I got http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.eclipse.birt.runtime/org.eclipse.osgi.services
But it seems that the group id is changed. (org.eclipse.osgi toÂorg.eclipse.birt.runtime)

Can I safely use that instead of my old version? Or is there any maven repos that I can use to get the latest eclipse equinox bundles?

Best Regards