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[equinox-dev] Unsync equinox packages between EPP and Equinox Target Components feature?


I've created an installation using oomph installer. I can see that in the .~/.p2/pool directory there is this package:


Then I tried to install the feature in my local target platform: Equinox Target Components 3.11.0.v20150527-1706 from http://download.eclipse.org/releases/mars

after have received a "cannot perform operation" with (Equinox Target Componentswill be ignored because a newer version is already installed). Then I selected one computed alternative solution and installed.
But I'm seeing the version 1.3.0.v20140327-1650 in tp.

which one will be delivered with mars? if it is 1.3.100.v20150410-1453 how can I install it in my tp?