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[equinox-dev] New felix resolver 1.4.0 in equinox framework and custom release?

Hi all,

the apache karaf community plans to release apache karaf 4.0.0 on friday or saturday. There were some very recent changes in felix resolver that went into the just released version 1.4.0 and felix framework 5.0.1. As the karaf feature service also uses the resolver we would need these changes in equinox.

For karaf we do not plan to create a custom release of equinox. So we will ship karaf with the current version of equinox but it will not completely work this way.

We are also building a commercial product based on apache karaf 4. So for this product we plan to create a custom release based on the last stable equinox + felix resolver 1.4.0 sources. I am a bit confused about the naming of the tags in the git repo and in general which release I should build upon.
On http://download.eclipse.org/equinox/ I found the latest release is LunuaSR2 which seems to include org.eclipse.osgi_3.10.2.v20150203-1939.jar. There is no such tag in git though. Inside the jar in the Manifest I found that the tag seems to be M20150204-0900.
In the maven repos I also found a 3.10.100 release from the tycho project.

So I got some questions:
- When is the next planned release of the equinox framework that would contain the new resolver sources?
- For my custom release which tag of equinox should I base my fork on? M20150204-0900?
- I would like to create a suffixed version for my custom release so it can be easily distinguished from the original equinox release. I tried several variants like 3.10.2-Talend or but all lead to an error during the build. So how can I create a suffixed custom version?
- In maven central there are several artifacts for the equinox framework (org.eclipse.osgi). Which of these is the official one from the equinox project?



Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect