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Re: [equinox-dev] dependency on org.osgi.annotation?

Sorry to go back to square one, but can someone describe what the issue is when these types are not available to jdt projects?  I know we are still able to compile against the org.osgi.framework packages contained in equinox because we do it every build just fine.  So what fails exactly?  Is it javadoc hover help and linking? or some other function in JDT?  Do other projects that import the org.osgi.framework package really need the org.osgi.annotation package on their classpath to compile?

I'm wondering if the most simple solution would be to include the org.osgi.annotation.versioning class files in the org.eclipse.osgi jar but not to export them.  This should allow the annotations to be found in the binary and source jars and then JDT should be able to find them, right?  Is there really a need to export this package?


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> I don't mind having this discussion here, but to be honest it seems more
appropriate to have the discussion in a PDE forum or bug report where a
PDE committer or contributer is monitoring and may be able to do the PDE
work necessary.  If such a bug is opened can you please post it here?

No new bug required. Just continue in


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