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[equinox-dev] Inherit package from Tomcat bootstrap classpath

Hello there,

We have an application jar that has a run-time dependency on com.sun.javadoc in JDK tools.jar. So I tried to add this line to config.ini, (we use Servlet Bridge in Tomcat 6)


But when restarted Tomcat, the Equinox framework failed to start. I am pretty sure tools.jar is in the classpath since it worked for the other non-OSGi webapp; also, I can see this in system properties,


Here is my parent classloader config in launch.ini,


So, why framework could not start when the line added to config.ini? and should I change "ext" to "boot" (which I will try next ...) or "fwk"?

Also, should I consider wrap tools.jar? or any other options?