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Re: [equinox-dev] R6 httpservice update

> From: slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

> >
> > There are no definite plans to implement the R6 httpservice
> > implementation.
> > But this is something I would like to see happen.
> FWIW...me/us too.   For context:  we have remote service providers that
> depend upon HttpService, and it would be very nice for those and other
> providers to use the R6 HttpService updates as soon as possible.
> We also have a pending contribution of a remote service provider that's
> based upon/uses websockets [1] and would like to make that contribution
> available to our consumers in Luna timeframe.

I'm glad to hear there are folks interested, but we still need someone to drive the implementation.

> >In order for it to
> > happen though we need an owner to step up to implement it.
> Perhaps this could be done by multiple committers collaborating
> cross-project rather than (e.g.) one equinox committer.   Perhaps also the
> corporate members (others of which would probably also like to see
> this...is my guess) could contribute support to such cross-project
> collaboration.

I was not intending to say this work has to be done by a single committer.  But we do need someone with enough vested interest to drive this to completion.

> >I know Gunnar
> > showed interest, but I don't know if he is in the position to drive the
> > implementation.
> I don't know either.  Unfortunately I cannot commit to drive it
> myself...I've got enough on my own plate already.  Although I can/would be
> willing to contribute/collaborate.

I'm willing to start a branch for the work, but I myself cannot spend lots of time on it either.  After all I have to convince my employer to pay me for this work also ;-)

> >As for Luna, this cannot happen since the spec will not
> > be
> > done in time.
> Is that true?   I was under the impression that the rfc-189 work would be
> in R6.

It is but that is R6 compendium.  Compendium R6 is not going to be ready in time for Luna.  I'm actually not sure when it will be final.  I just sat through an EG meeting today and there is still significant work going on in the RFC.  We have API freeze for Luna tomorrow (M6).

> >We would need to start in a branch that can be merged to
> > master at an appropriate time for a release.
> Sure.  Is this something that can/should be discussed at the
> RT-PMC...and/or at upcoming EclipseCon?  Seems to me likely that many (at
> least) runtime projects likely use HttpService...and so I suspect you and
> I are not alone in wanting to see it happen.
> Scott

Sure we can discuss this at EclipseCon.