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[equinox-dev] Prevent Eclipse from running as a root


Quite a long time ago I've opened bug 379102 [1] - Prevent running
Eclipse as root (optionally).

The main use case is that when Eclipse is deployed via an external
mechanism, and so are additional features, running Eclipse as root
changes p2 metadata and Eclipse configuration area, and its checksum are

Also, when an administrator changes the installation using P2, RPM stops
working - it is impossible to assure (to a reasonable level) that any
further P2 operations will succeed.

What's more, running a pluggable IDE as an administrator does not seem
to be a wise choice.

Hence my idea of adding an additional safeguard and making launching
Eclipse as root a bit more difficult.

Is there any chance this patch will be released?

[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=379102
Krzysztof Daniel <kdaniel@xxxxxxxxxx>
Red Hat