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[equinox-dev] I'm unhooked


today I tried the first Object Teams build against a Luna milestone,
and miserably failed at the attempt to implement

Looking back at the discussions about "new framework" and clients migrating to the new WeavingHook etc. I can't find an announcement that the old hooks will actually be removed. So my question is: is this a temporary state as Equinox is moving to a new implementation or is that API indeed nuked? (Equinox Luna will be 4.0.0 then?)

As mentioned before, I'm interested in moving to the new hook and
in trying to make this a coordinated move with other clients via
a new version of equinox weaving. I made experiments that show
the new hooks satisfy at least 80% of our (OT) requirements.
I'm just a bit uneasy about the remaining 20% that now separate
me from the next successful build...