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Re: [equinox-dev] Breaking change for Luna Equinox Weaving: IWeavingServiceFactory.createWeavingService takes a BundleDescription

May I join the party? :)

In https://bugs.eclipse.org/358290 we have a candidate interested
in helping to make the caching service capable to handle multiple
independent weavers.

Martin, could you please share your current implementation as a
common starting point for future experiments? Or should we still
work from master of equinox.weaving and friends?

I remember you saying that the cache-key issue shouldn't actually
be an issue, but unfortunately I don't remember your reasoning,
only remember that in my experiment it was a problem :)

While currently the OT/J weaver is not based on equinox.weaving
but our own adapter hooks I'd like to use the opportunity while
this topic is in people's heads to help work on a future solution.