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[equinox-dev] bundles wiring and redeployment issues - hotswap

I'm facing the following issue under OSGi environment: let's say I have a bundle A exporting com.mybiz.example package. This package, in its 1.0.0 version, contains a bean class MyBean so that


    public class MyBean {

     int var;

     public MyBean() { }

     public int getVar() { return var; }

     public void setVar(int v) { var = v; }



Bundle B exports an interface MyService which uses MyBean:


    public interface MyService {

     public MyBean getMyBean();



Note: in our architecture, MyBean must be a class and not an interface.


Bundle C uses MyService as a declarative service in this way:


    private AtomicReference<MyService> _serv = new AtomicReference<MyService>();

    public void addMyService(MyService serv) {

     //this method is the one called by declarative services when Bundle B is started




    public void run() {



     MyBean x = _serv.getMyBean();

     //use x ...



Now the problem arises if I need to do a hot fix on MyBean class.

Let's say I need to add a field and some methods.

Then, I've got a running OSGi environment where bundles A,B,C are deployed.


My requirement is that I cannot stop any bundle.


So, under these hypotheses, I deploy a new version of my bundle A, say A_1.1.0.jar. Now I'm not able to make bundle C to use the new version of MyBean class contained in A_1.1.0.jar.


How can I do it?


Thank you very much!


Best regards,