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[equinox-dev] Equinox Subprojects

I just noticed that some of the Equinox subprojects do not have any source repositories listed [1]. In fact, most of them have no metadata specified at all.

Further, upon inspection, it appears that the rt.equinox.security project has no resources associated with it (no Git repository, no downloads that I can detect, no website). Is this project still viable, or is it a candidate for termination?

The rt.equinox.website project is a hold over from the bad-old-days. Is that project still required? Can we kill it and assign the website repository to rt.equinox?

Is it still valuable to have Equinox subprojects at all? Based on the use of the projects, it seems that the only purpose is to keep the committer lists distinct. Is this still necessary? AFAICT, only rt.equinox.p2 seems to be operating as a separate project. Does it make sense to consider rolling the rest of the projects up into the parent?



[1] http://eclipse.org/projects/tools/status.php?cvs=0&git=0&svn=0&top=rt
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