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Re: [equinox-dev] process for requesting change in an orbit based bundle

If it is a fix or change to the code of org.apache.jasper.glassfish, then you only option is to work with the original project and have them fix their code and have a new maintenance release.

To be clear, though, there are times when we in Orbit can made a mistake in the way we "OSGi-ify" the bundle and those are fixes we can make directly in Orbit. jasper.glassfish is a current case,
see bug 389510.

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Date:        09/17/2012 08:32 AM
Subject:        [equinox-dev] process for requesting change in an orbit based bundle
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Hello All,

How do I go about getting a change into an orbit bundle? Case is for org.apache.jasper.glassfish.

As I understand it, orbit bundles come from an upstream source, so I'm assuming technically that Eclipse doesn't have the source to change. 

So, how do you handle bugs or change requests in those?

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