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Re: [equinox-dev] About the fwk rewrite

For configuration, I would prefer any merging and discovery of configuration files to be done outside of the framework.  EclipseStarter is still contained in the org.eclipse.osgi jar only for historical purposes, but I would rather that bit of the code all live in the launcher and it is the only thing that reads the configuration file directly and installs the initial set of bundles.  I'm not focusing on that bit of the launch flow right now because I think it will distract us from focusing on the actual framework implementation.  Right now the framework gets configuration through standard OSGi means (using the org.osgi.framework.launch API).  

EclipseStarter (and the equinox launcher) read the configuration pass it to the framework and initialize the framework.  It also installs the initial bundles from the osgi.bundles list and it takes over the main thread to run the eclipse application.  This is all stuff that must remain outside the actual framework implementation.  And just to be clear, I don't consider EclipseStarter to be part of the Framework implementation.  


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Re: [equinox-dev] About the fwk rewrite

On 2012-09-04, at 10:23 AM, Thomas Watson wrote:

I was asking because I thought this could be a nice way to change the way files are laid out on disk to make them easier to manage (e.g. have multiple config files that are read and merged at runtime rather than one file). However this would most likely require changes to p2 and PDE which is probably way broader than the scope of the work desired here.
I was curious since after all collaboration may have been as fruitful than co-opetition. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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