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Re: [equinox-dev] target version of osgi specs for juno

Several of the OSGi spec implementations in Equinox Juno are used as RI for OSGi Compendium 4.3: DS, Metatype, Coordinator, Initial Provisioning, Event Admin, Wire Admin. So all those implementations are at the Compendium 4.3 level.

I don't know the status of the other OSGi spec impls in Equinox Juno.


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Date:        2012/07/03 12:14
Subject:        [equinox-dev] target version of osgi specs for juno
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Hey All,

I'm wondering which specific versions of the 4 enteprise/compendium spec are the basis for juno. Is it still this jar from orbit:


or can we use the newly released 4.3 compendium jar?


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