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Re: [equinox-dev] juno drops and gogo

On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 1:36 AM, Kirchev, Lazar <l.kirchev@xxxxxxx> wrote:

When you run with eclipse configuration do you specify the âconsole option?

I did, as shown in the previous message.

If it is not specified, the behavior would be exactly as you describe, even if the console bundle and the three gogo bundles are included in the run configuration.

If you set -Dosgi.console.enable.builtin=true, you actually are not using the new console, but the old, pre-gogo shell.


If you want to start equinox with console in this way java -jar equinox-SDK-3.8RC4/plugins/org.eclipse.osgi_3.8.0.v20120529-1548.jar âconsole you have to add a configuration/config.ini file with osgi.bundles=<equinox_console_and_gogo_bundles> . In this way the framework will start with the new console bundle and the three gogo bundles and you will have the new console.

Ok, granted. But this is not the case when bootstrapping equinox using the Framework API (embedded). In this mode Âthe EclipseStarter class is never used (which parses the -console arg).

The way (as I've discovered) to set itÂdeclaratively when using the Framework API is to pass the framework or system propertyÂ



- with an empty value, e.g.Â"", gives a shell on in/out,Â
- with a port number
- with a host:port to bind on a net interface & port (as long as host is, or resolves to, an local interface)

Hope this info is helpful.

Raymond Augà Â|ÂSenior Software Architect |ÂLiferay, Inc.Â