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[equinox-dev] Interest in Equinox Weaving

The Equinox Weaving project has gone rather dormant over the past couple of releases (Indigo and Juno).  The point of this note is to question the communities interest in the Equinox Weaving project and to request for help from any of the interested parties.  To my knowledge all committers that have been involved in the Equinox Weaving project have since moved on to other things and do not have time to devote to maintenance or future enhancements.  Keeping these things around simply because they have been there in past releases is starting to cause us problems (see https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=377314).

This is not a threat to remove Equinox Weaving from Juno, but we need to consider what to do post Juno.  Thanks.