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[equinox-dev] Question to: java.lang.ClassCircularityError: org/eclipse/equinox/internal/app/CommandLineArgs

Hi all,

last week I experienced the error above. The problem was that this ClassCircularityError not appears at build time. This error comes from equinox.ds, I think when it tries to resolute all DS dependencies. Now I know how to solve this error. It was a mistake in my service component definition, where I have defined a service consumer from a non DS service as static 1..1. I changed it to dynamic 0..1 and everything is fine now.

My question is, is there any functionality to check the DS dependency resolution, programmatic or via ant task? I would trigger such a check at build time, to avoid a misconfiguration of service component definitions. Another posibility is to integrate such a check into the launch configuration of the PDE to avoid the mistakes I made.


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