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[equinox-dev] Bundle lazy activation

Hi guys,


I’m experiencing a strange bundle “auto start” behavior – let’s have two bundles which are declared to be lazy activated, first providing a class referenced by the second one.

After installing them  and calling refresh, I start the “consumer” (via console command) which in turn activates the other one. I checked the spec and it says:

“A lazy activation policy indicates that the bundle, once started, must not be activated until it receives the first request to load a class”


I’m confused because I haven’t started the provider explicitly and I expected it to be in resolved state and not to be activated at all. Do I miss something?

Test bundles attached.


Thank you,



Attachment: TestLazy_1.0.0.201109281137.jar
Description: TestLazy_1.0.0.201109281137.jar

Attachment: TestLazyConsumer_1.0.0.201109281137.jar
Description: TestLazyConsumer_1.0.0.201109281137.jar