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Re: [equinox-dev] Equinox weaving and OSGI Resolver Hooks

Hey Tobias!

I am using a org.osgi.framework.hooks.resolver.ResolverHook in order
to create compartments or regions in the OSGI runtime. These
compartments resolve independently of each other.

In conjunction with equinox weaving I have the problem that the
equinox weaving implementation does not consider the ResolverHooks
available in the the runtime when it resolves the supplement bundles.

This leads to the situation that bundles from one compartment are
supplemented with bundles from another compartment which should not
happen in my use case.

Maybe it would make sense to call the available OSGI resolver hooks in
order to check if the possible combinations of supplemented and
supplementer bundles are valid (Maybe this could be implemented in

I haven't looked at the ResolverHooks in detail yet. Therefore I don't know exactly what changes would be necessary, but I think the SupplementerRegistry would be the place to look for when the compartments or regions should also be respected by the supplementer mechanism.

Would you like to take a deeper look at this and maybe provide a patch? That would be really great!!! I can help you whenever you need more details and/or other help.