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[equinox-dev] Git migration continued for bundles

We have completed the migration of the framework and launchers to git. Next we plan to move all the projects from the rt.equinox.bundles group over to a git repository. The current plan is to include all the projects specified in http://wiki.eclipse.org/Platform-releng/Git_Migration_Granularity#Bundles_git_repo in a new rt.equinox.bundles git repository. This includes the bundles included in compendium, components, server side and weaving. We also plan to move all the projects from security into the rt.equinox.bundles repository. The activity in the security repo does not justify keeping it separate from the rest of the bundles in the rt.equinox.bundles group so we will merge these into the same repo as the rest of the bundles. Committers please speak up if you have any issues with us merging the security projects in with the rest of the bundles projects.

We plan to do a final tagging of CVS tomorrow and doing the conversion to git after the I-Build. If all goes well we will start building out of git for Wednesday nightly build.