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Re: [equinox-dev] A few questions on ConditionalPermissionAdmin

1. In the case where the bundle does not have the proper export permission:

The bundle is allowed to resolve because its own constraints have been satisfied. This allows the bundle to activate since it can resolve. The fact that the bundle is not actually allowed to export something does not prevent it from being able to resolve.

2. and 3. I am not aware of any graphical tools to do this. Although 3. could be in the realm of PDE since this is editing the content of a bundle. You should consider opening a bug against PDE->UI for this (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/enter_bug.cgi?product=PDE)


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[equinox-dev] A few questions on ConditionalPermissionAdmin

Hello everyone.

I recently started playing with the ConditionalPermissionAdmin and local
permissions in Equinox. Here are a few questions I ran into:

1. As a simple test, I wrote a trivial bundle that does nothing except
exporting a package. I noticed that if I do not explicitly state the
PackageAdmin permission for the exported package, still my bundle comes
up without any issue. To make sure I was setting things up correctly, I
also tried to export a service from the same bundle without giving the
ServicePermission in my local permissions and that failed so the setup
seems to  be right but for some reason, even though I have the Export
clause in my manifest and no PackagePermission in my local permissions,
still the bundle comes up fine. In other words, commenting or
uncommenting the following line in my permissions.perm didn't make any
difference :

# ( org.osgi.framework.PackagePermission "com.acme.osgi.client1"
"IMPORT,EXPORT" )   # com.acme.osgi.client1 is the package that I was

2. Is there a graphical tool that can inspect a bundle for its local
permissions, so that an operator can use that to see what sort of
permissions are being requested? I know it is easy to open a jar file
and look at the permissions.perm there but it seems like something that
may already have a tool done by someone.

3. Is there a graphical interface (even as an eclipse plugin or so) to
help developers create their local permissions in the permissions.perm?
It is easy to make a syntax error there, so again it sounds to me like
something that can benefit from a more graphically oriented tool.

Many thanks
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