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Re: [equinox-dev] OSGi split tool for Java project in Eclipse

All right, I will check out the source code and get familiar with this project. Hoping that we can finish a success project basic on current job, in fact, one GSoC project need a mentor too, i am really really hoping that some Equinox committers can mentor me...

2011/3/14 Gerd Wütherich <gerd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
license will be EPL. I have to add an appropiate EPL license agreement
to the repository/ to the source code. So it should not be a problem
to hold it as a GSoC project...

2011/3/14 Tiger Gui <tigergui1990@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi Gerd,
> It sounds good and i am really interested and want to get involved in it.
> The only problem is what the project's open source licence is ? If I try to
> improve this project, can i hold it as a GSoC Project this year?
> 2011/3/14 Gerd Wütherich <gerd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Hi,
>> I'm already working on such a tool for quite some time ;-) we are
>> using it for migrating a huge system with > 65000 classes in ~ 55000
>> source files to OSGi (PDE projects). Initially we started with a
>> combination of ANT scripts and BND, but this approach was not very
>> successful for several resaons. So we decided to develop a tool (we
>> call it 'bundlemaker') that helps as to split up the system and
>> generates PDE projects with appropriate manifests.
>> It uses the JDT and bundlor to parse the dependencies of a given
>> system and stores all the information in an internal db4o database.
>> Once the system is analyzed, you can define transformations (e.g.
>> based on ant patterns) to split up your system. Finally you can export
>> the transformed system, e.g. as PDE projects.
>> The orginal implementation was done for a customer of mine, but
>> fortunately the most of the code is available as open source
>> (https://github.com/wuetherich/bundlemaker). It is work-in-progress
>> and we just started the development of a GUI, but you can already use
>> it in batch mode. The current plan is to release an official version
>> of it in autumn this year.
>> If your interested to give it a try (or get involved in the
>> development!) please let me know... Even it is in an early stage, it
>> would be great to have some community feedback on it. From my POV a
>> tool like this is really something that is missing today!
>> Regards,
>> Gerd
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