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Re: [equinox-dev] OSGi split tool for Java project in Eclipse


I'm already working on such a tool for quite some time ;-) we are
using it for migrating a huge system with > 65000 classes in ~ 55000
source files to OSGi (PDE projects). Initially we started with a
combination of ANT scripts and BND, but this approach was not very
successful for several resaons. So we decided to develop a tool (we
call it 'bundlemaker') that helps as to split up the system and
generates PDE projects with appropriate manifests.

It uses the JDT and bundlor to parse the dependencies of a given
system and stores all the information in an internal db4o database.
Once the system is analyzed, you can define transformations (e.g.
based on ant patterns) to split up your system. Finally you can export
the transformed system, e.g. as PDE projects.

The orginal implementation was done for a customer of mine, but
fortunately the most of the code is available as open source
(https://github.com/wuetherich/bundlemaker). It is work-in-progress
and we just started the development of a GUI, but you can already use
it in batch mode. The current plan is to release an official version
of it in autumn this year.

If your interested to give it a try (or get involved in the
development!) please let me know... Even it is in an early stage, it
would be great to have some community feedback on it. From my POV a
tool like this is really something that is missing today!