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Re: [equinox-dev] Replacement for PackageAdmin.getBundles

There is no replacement for that method. You can just grovel over the bundles to find this information. Seems like a job for a utility class...

That method was not a good fit for packageadmin anyway since it nothing to do with the wiring state of the bundles.

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Date:        2011/02/22 07:08
Subject:        [equinox-dev] Replacement for PackageAdmin.getBundles
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What's the recommended replacement for
org.osgi.service.packageadmin.PackageAdmin.getBundles(String, String)? I
was looking for a similar method in the new org.osgi.framework.wiring
package. But it appears that there is none. I haven't checked the
changes for M6, though.


Gunnar Wagenknecht

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