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[equinox-dev] Having Eclipse scan custom bundle directories for OSGi Run Configurations


My question is actually IDE-related but concerning Equinox run configs.

I am working on a project using Eclipse Helios JEE.

It should run on any OSGi environment, so I'd like to test and debug
it by setting up an "OSGi Framework" Eclipse Run Configuration that
uses Equinox.

However I need this configuration to start several other bundles.
These are not in my Eclipse IDE or in my workspace. As a matter of
fact, they're in my local Maven repository.

I would like to setup Eclipse so that it will (recursively) scan this
directory for OSGi bundles. So when I setup an OSGi run configuration,
the list of selectable bundles (with startlevel etc.) shows up on the
list, and I can include dependencies by one click.

Setting a classpath variable pointing to the Maven repository didn't help.

Thank you,